Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven Photographs: Nando Dolleman, Ronald Smits
Chairs inspired by the principle of ‘Minimal Surface Tension’ − letting the laws of nature govern the design. 
By experimenting with small-scale models of metal frames in different shapes and dipping them in soapy water, Nando Dolleman discovered that physics fills in the rest, instantly creating surfaces spanning the gaps. Translating this principle to furniture design, he stretched textiles over large frames to create chairs. The same method can be applied to create endless variations. 
You can get a computer to calculate all the angles and structures, or spend hours sketching the ideal lines, but why not leave some design decisions to natural forces?

 “I design the frame, but nature designs the shape”
The chair is currently in the 4 th step of the design thinking process: the prototype phase. The chair’s design offers a new way of assembling, a new way of sitting, which introduces new problematics that need to be solved.
The latest prototype is CNC bended to assure a studier frame. The fabric on the current prototype is functional for the time being, however will has a limited life span. Hence the subsequent step is to discover a more suitable textile that has opposite attributes: extremely flexible yet resilient. In search of a technical stretch fabric
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