“Vorm Aspect” assigment developed specific for the second year students.

Starting point is the iconic Carlton Cabinet designed in 1981 by Ettore Sottsass, witch was a member of the Mephis Group. 





Step 1: Second year students, first have to understand the ratio of the Carlton Cabinet. Defining the proportions, from a picture. 

Step 2: Translate 2D to 3D scale model. Students first have to create the “mother of models” in this case the Carlton Cabinet, with is quite a primitive design. ( A 2D extruded into 3D) 

This will be the start of their own design journey, this model gives the student guidelines and grip on their own upcoming series. From limitation rises creativity. 





Interesting to see how many versions are being made.






Step 3: Start create their own version of the Carlton Cabinet. With has to be made with the same constructions as the original model. In this case no organic shapes are allowed, it won’t resonate with the Carlton Cabinet. 





Step 3: Week 2 First models